Puppies Trying Hard to Listen

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Puppies can make almost anything cuter, even when they just listen to a song! Watch the cute Malamute puppies listen to the strange noises coming from the stereo. How adorable is that?!

Why exactly do dog’s tilt their head when we talk to them? While there are various speculations out there, including because it’s reinforced by our response (most people coo over their dog when they do it); because it helps them hear better ; and because it helps dog’s see better past their noses. Now imagine if it’s a puppy doing that head tilt. Image source: @WiggleButtsPetPhotography via Flickr What if it’s five, fluffy Alaskan Malamute puppies. And they are doing it to music?! Yup, we agree, it’s a recipe for utter cutest. Here is a sneak peak, the video […]


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