Rescue Dog Adopts Orphaned Raccoons

Dog Saved From ‘Death Row’ Adopts And Nurses Orphaned Raccoons

You may not have ever wondered if a dog could nurse raccoons, but here is picture proof anyway! This rescue dog was nearly put down. Not only was she saved right before the very end, but she gave birth later on. Then when these orphaned raccoons ran into trouble, she nursed them along with her puppies.

Isn’t this pic so cute? If you would like to know more about this dog and the orphaned raccoons, then please read the link below:

Every dog deserves a second chance. You’ll never know what amazing things they can do, they can either save a life, make a sick child smile , or help other animals. Just like the dog in the video below. Her name is Piper. Piper was pregnant and had mange all over her body when she was rescued from death row. She was saved from being put down at the very last moment. And on Valentine’s Day, she gave birth to four beautiful puppies. But it’s not just her puppies that she’s looking after. She’s also nursing two orphaned baby […]


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