Running to Rescue Homeless Dog

This Guy Won’t Give Up Running Until They Rescue This Homeless Dog

Each time someone tries to rescue this homeless dog, the poor canine runs away! One guy was determined not to give up, and you can watch his effort to help save this homeless dog in the video below.

Have you ever been this determined to help a homeless animal? Please share your own stories with us!

We’ve watched so many amazing rescue videos by Eldad Hagar. Each and every one of them has moved us. And once again, he has saved another life. An urgent message came in on the Hope for Paws line; it was about a homeless dog who has been out in the field for a few days. The people who saw the dog have tried to save the dog, but each time they go near him, the dog runs. Eldad quickly went to the area and saw the dog sleeping in the field. He tried to sneak up on the dog […]


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