Sad But Sweet Dog Story

Couple Treats Dying Dog To A Dream Vacation And The Time Of Its Life

Prepare yourself before reading this sad but sweet dog story. It’s about a family that gave their dog a chance to swim in the ocean before he crossed the rainbow bridge. The dog looks like he had a fantastic time!

Dyuki (aka Mr. Dukes), was an 11 year old American Staffordshire Terrier who loved to swim in his family’s pool, but had never gotten the chance to swim in the great wide ocean. In August of 2014, it was looking like he may never get that chance – he was in the final stages of Grade III mast cell cancer. That was when his owner Zhenia Bluawka and her boyfriend Christian decided to take Mr. Dukes on a dream vacation – one last time. So they packed up Mr. Dukes, along with the family’s other two pitties—Ruby and Violet—and […]


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