Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables For Your Dog

fruits and vegetables

Instead of treating your dogs to something unhealthy and potentially bad for them, why not give them fruits and vegetables? There are some that are absolutely terrific for your pooch, including green beans and apples. Be sure to read through to see which fruits and vegetables are not only great for your dog, but also in season!

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about fresh fruits and veggies – the best the spring and summer have to offer. You may even be wondering which of these healthy snacks you can share with your dog. “Any of these ingredients individually are great as treats in small amounts, or can make up a balanced diet when properly formulated into a complete recipe,” says Dr. Oscar E Chavez BVetMed MRCVS MBA, licensed veterinarian and Chief Medical Officer for JustFoodForDogs® . In fact, most of these are used in the JustFoodForDogs DIY kits, which allow pet owners to create […]


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