Service Dogs in the Classroom — A Debate

Are Service Dogs In The Classroom A Blessing Or A Hindrance?

Are service dogs in the classroom a good thing, or too potentially irritating? While service dogs may be great for the child who needs them, what about the other children? Some say too many younger children could possibly be too much of a hindrance for the service dog to do its job well.

To dissect this question fully, please check out the following article. It really is a great question that does not often get discussed:

In theory, service dogs should be well behaved, mild mannered, and blend in with their environment. What happens when a service dog is put into a classroom with twenty-some odd 7 year olds? Would the noise, excitement level, or activity affect how he does his job? What about the children? Would they be more distracted by the cute doggy? With a host of mental and physical disorders on the rise among the youth in America, there is an increasing demand for service dogs. These dogs will often be expected to attend classes with their charges; however, there are several […]


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