Shoplifting Dog

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: It’s Christmas, And This Dog Decided to Help Himself To a “Gift”

You may have heard of the “five-finger discount.” Now, thanks to this shoplifting dog, we can add the “four-paw discount” to the shoplifting lexicon.

You need to watch the video below to see what the shoplifting dog does when he is caught stealing a bone. He may be a lawbreaker, but we can’t help loving the thief!

Have you given yourself a Christmas gift? Well this dog surely did! He casually walked inside a store, went to the pet aisle, and grabbed a treat for himself! But before that, he even had the time to approach and say hi to a young girl! He then went straight to the pet aisle. Seems like he really know where he’s going, and he knows exactly what he wants! He grabbed a rawhide bone and headed for the exit! Watch the surveillance video below! LOL! He was even confronted by the manager, but that didn’t stop him! He ran […]


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