Should I Feed My Dog More in The Winter?

Should I Feed My Dog More in The Winter?

With winter approaching, you may be wondering how much you should feed your dog. Should you feed it more? Do they need extra weight in the winter? This article will clarify your concerns so you and your dog will be ready this winter:

We all know many animals put on weight during the winter months, to help keep them warm and to store up fat to burn as energy when food gets scare. Some may wonder, then, if our house pets need to be fed more or gain weight during these months too. Lisa Hennessy, founder of Your Pet Chef, LLC. ;  began preparing meals about 5 years ago when her rough collie, Shelby, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. This disease caused her to lose control of her hind limbs. Hennessy’s vet asked if her if she would be willing to prepare […]


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