Sick As A Dog? Maybe Not!

sick as a dog

When people say they are as sick as a dog, it often sounds like they are blaming their dog for their own illness. According to this I Heart Dogs article, we cannot blame dogs for every illness threat that comes our way. Before you claim you are sick as a dog, check out the article below to see if you need to let your dog off the hook:

We talk all the time about diseases you could catch from your dog, but have you ever thought about diseases that you cannot catch from your dog? There are a handful of diseases that raise eyebrows and sometimes get blamed on pets. Here’s a list of illnesses that have been blamed on dogs erroneously. Pinworms are a human parasite. They do not infect dogs at all and dogs cannot serve as a source of infection to a human. When we think about worms, we all want to blame our dogs because we are aware that dogs do have worms, […]


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