Signs of Arthritis in Your Dog

Ask A Vet: 7 Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis is not just a problem for humans. It can afflict your dogs as well! Below is a list of seven signs your dog may be suffering from arthritis. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, then please get your pet help immediately!

Arthritis (inflammation of the joints) is a very common diagnosis for pets and people. It is known to cause pain and stiffness. It develops from normal wear and tear or can occur as a result of injury in the past. It is diagnosed by a veterinarian from physical exam findings and radiographic evidence. Here are 7 signs that you might not have noticed in your dog that could herald arthritis. It is very important to know that arthritis pain can be managed. Just because it is common, does not mean that is just “normal aging”. If you think that […]


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