Strange Animal Myths

Weird Animal Question of the Week: Animal Myths From Around the World

Animal myths, such as the baby-delivering stork, are quite popular throughout the world. How did these animal myths start? National Geographic has this interesting article that explores different animal myths. It’s nice to know finally where some of these came from!

A postcard, circa 1900, depicts a stork delivering newborns. From the lucky ladybug to the clairvoyant groundhog Punxsutawney Phil , we love to assign magical qualities to animals. We even hold one responsible for our very existence—the stork. The baby-delivering stork is a beloved animal myth in Europe and the U.S.—especially for parents looking to answer that perennial childhood question, "How did I get here?" Reader AnnaMarie Kahn asked us on Facebook: "How [do] other cultures explain away the most intimate of creation stories?" In the early 20th century, anthropologist and folklorist Elsie Clews Parsons documented numerous conception myths […]


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