Stray Dog Saves Little Girl

Stray Dog Appears Out Of Nowhere And Jumps In Front Of Speeding Truck To Save Little Girl

Here is a great news story — a stray dog saves a little girl from a speeding truck! Being in the right place at the right time is truly a wonderful thing, as this story proves. Watch the full story about the brave stray dog below, and then share this terrific story on Facebook. This will brighten up a few of your friends’ newsfeeds:

In Oklahoma City, a stray dog became a hero after he put his own life in danger when he jumped in front of a speeding truck to save a little girl. The dog was first seen hanging around the neighborhood three weeks before the incident. He was very friendly and he was fed by the people in the area. On the day of the incident, the kids were playing near the road, there was an oncoming speeding truck when a little girl as about to come off a curb. Then the stray dog, a Border Collie now named Angel, […]


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