Summer Is Not Over for These Dogs!

44 Dogs Who Really Don't Want Summer To End

Summer nearly being over has us pretty despondent. The dogs in these pictures look as unwilling to say goodbye to the season as we are! See more of these funny, summer loving dogs at the link below:

We took a poll and the results are in: Nobody wants summer to end. And that includes dogs. If only we could all squeeze out a couple more months of driving with the top down and warm, starry nights that lend themselves to campfires and finger- or paw-sticking s’mores . Alas, that subtle chill in the air signals the inevitable is near. Our four-legged friends can feel it, too. See them getting their last licks of summer in the gorgeous photos below. Tendeeleats/EyeEm Gotagola/EyeEm bandandroll/EyeEm Livoluna/EyeEm CirikBirik/EyeEm ianbmcc/EyeEm BelaHenriques/EyeEm ThisGirlPoetBlossom/EyeEm grellgrau/EyeEm IraSarita/EyeEm patrickkidney/EyeEm juanmoley/EyeEm debo_l/EyeEm jamesronan18/EyeEm KlaudieMoravcova/EyeEm bardachenko/EyeEm julwilke/EyeEm […]


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