Surfer Fights Off Shark Attack

Watch Surfer Fight Off Shark Attack on Live TV in South Africa

When we heard about the pro surfer fighting off a shark attack, we immediately thought of the scene in Jaws where you see the shark’s fin as it eats the little boy. Thankfully real life had a happier ending than that shark attack scene in the movie, and you can watch the video at the link below. What a story, huh?

The J-Bay Open has been called off after finalist Mick Fanning (AUS) was attacked by a shark in the lineup, July 19, 2015. A surfing competition in South Africa was cancelled today after one of the finalists was attacked by a shark. Australian surfer Mick Fanning was waiting in the water at the J-Bay Open when the shark attacked him. Video captured Fanning clutching his surfboard and kicking at the shark. Fanning, 34, told the World Surf League, which hosted the event, he felt something get stuck on his leg rope. "I instantly just jumped," Fanning said. "It just […]


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