Surfing Dogs On The Coast

Surfing Dogs All The Rage On The Coast This Summer – And They Love Every Minute Of it!

How do some dogs cope with the “dog” days of summer? By becoming surfing dogs! Some of these dogs are so good at surfing that they are actually competing in the Purina Surfing Competition! Check out the video below to see why we think these dogs should have been cast in the new Point Break remake — surfing, bank-robbing dogs certainly would have been a unique twist on the concept!

We’ve shared all kinds of videos of dogs pulling off some pretty amazing stunts, like that dog that could do a handstand beside their human! But these dogs, they just stepped up “tricks” a SERIOUS notch! These dogs were all participants in the Purina Surfing Competition. That’s right, dogs that know how to hang 10! These dogs can certainly give new meaning to “dog days of summer!” Not only do these dogs know how to surf, but they are among the best of the best, all competing for the title–with one for each, small and large breed. At Huntington […]


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