Teddy Bear, Or Something Else?

This Looks Like A Teddy Bear From A Distance. Then It Started Walking. Oh My, How Adorable!

Is that a walking teddy bear, or something else? Watch this cute pet video to find out the answer!

Cindy Roth wanted to make a costume for her Shih Tzu named Munchkin and decided on this adorable craft project! It only took her 15 minutes to make, but is absolutely adorable! I can’t decide if Munchkin looks more like an ewok or a teddy bear! Cindy shared how she made it: “Measure your dog in the front from feet to top of head (Munchkin is 14″). Buy a teddy bear in similar color to your dog in their size. Cut the face off, cut the bottom of the feet off, cut open the back. Take all the stuffing […]


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