The Top 5 Misunderstood Facts about Pit Bulls

The Top 5 Misunderstood Facts about Pit Bulls

Do you live with Pit Bulls? Do you agree that these are the most common misunderstood facts about Pit Bulls? Be sure to comment with your take, and please share any Pit Bull stories you may have!

In Honor of Pit Bull Awareness Day, we spoke with Sarah Kosinski Cope, Founder of Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue in Southern California. She told us the Top 5 misunderstood facts about Pit Bulls. #1 – Pit Bulls are Unpredictable Many think that pitties will attack any moment, without warning and are therefore dangerous.  The Real FACT: Dogs do not react without warning and pitties are no exception. They are predictable as any other dog. Dogs communicate through body language they show us signs when they are afraid, stressed, happy, depressed, irritated and they even show us love and compassion. […]


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