These Dogs Really Want Those Treats!

Peanut Butter Alert for Pets

When you want something, it’s hard to contain yourself until you get what you want. The dogs in this video really wants those treats just sitting on a table, and they perfectly capture that intense, longing feeling! Grab one of the treats on your table as you sit and watch these funny, longing dogs:

There is truly no other video that so perfectly shows what life is like with dogs! These poor pups have fallen victim to their love of food and are trying so hard to get a taste of the forbidden fruit. It’s really neat to see how smart they are! They try everything they can possibly think of to get ahold of their snacks and some even succeed! The Dodo is constantly providing us with hilarious videos that are so very “dog” – they just show classic dog behavior that every single owner can relate to! We love watching these […]


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