This Dachshund Hates The Happy Birthday Song

happy birthday

If you think you hate hearing the Happy Birthday song, then wait until you see this dachshund’s reaction! Although she hated hearing the happy birthday song, we bet deep down the dachshund appreciated its human’s sweet gesture anyway. Does your own dog have a particular song that sends it howling? Share your stories in the comments below!

We all have our favorite songs…and we all have those songs that make us cringe! This sweet doxie loves music…but really hates the “Happy Birthday” song! Maybe she just doesn’t want to be reminded of her age? We can all certainly relate to that! In any case, watching her howl as Momma sings Happy Birthday to her just made our day. Do you have a pup with musical taste? Send us your favorite video of your pup expressing his musical preferences and we just might feature it here on!


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