This Elvis Ain’t Nothin’ But a Real Hound Dog

Dog Walking In Elvis Costume Will Have You Smiling & Laughing Out Loud

Elvis sang “Hound Dog,” and now he truly is one! Okay, the dog wearing the Elvis costume is a Pomeranian rather than a hound dog, but we couldn’t resist the pun.

Want to see the little guy strut his stuff as well as the King did? Watch the video — it’s now or never, if you know what we mean. Afterwards, let us know if you think this Elvis is as good as any human impersonator.

Elvis may have ultimately “left the building “but he’s temporarily back… and in puppy-baby-elvis-type-of-way! Jiff the Pom is ADORABLE in his Elvis costume and the way he walks in it will have you laughing! I don’t know about you, but we Can’t Help Falling in Love with this (hound) dog! (See what we did there?!)


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