This Husky Acts Like a Cat!

Raised By Cats, This Silly Husky Can’t Figure Out How To Be A Dog

This big Siberian Husky grew up with cats, and some of the feline’s behaviors rubbed on the dog! Take a look at how cat-like this Husky gets in the pictures below. Which one is your favorite?

Up to $20 Off + Free Shipping! Same As The Vet, Only for Less. Meet Tally: A gorgeous Siberian Husky that was given a second chance after being adopted at a shelter. At first, Tally was just like any other eternally grateful rescue pup. She loved her new home, adored her new dog mom , and was just like any other happy-go-lucky dog. But then, some peculiar things started happening: sweet little Tally started displaying cat-like behaviors! Tally’s dog mom began documenting these strange behaviors and uploading photos of her funny dog’s cat-like antics for the world to see. […]


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