Two Shar Pei Dogs’ Journey

Two Shar Pei Dogs Picked Up As Strays Take Heartwarming Journey

Romeo and Juliet are two Shar Pei dogs with a beautiful story. They were two strays who relied on each other to survive. Juliet was blind, and Romeo helped her out. Although the video below is a little on the long side, there is a happy ending for these two Shar Pei dogs that you will want to see for yourself:

Romeo and Juliet were picked up as strays, roaming the streets of Los Angeles and then left at a shelter for over a month. It turns out that Juliet is blind and looked to Romeo for support. But hope was around the corner and soon they were on their freedom ride. Not long after that, the two were flown to their new forever home, where they were soon being spoiled, wearing onesies, getting lots of attention and enjoying life once again thanks to Bound Angels and Merlin’s Hope. Watch their heartwarming journey in the video below. Share this video […]


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