Urban Mushing — Good for Your Dog?

What is Urban Mushing And Can My Dog Do It?

Urban mushing is the latest dog trend gaining popularity. Many of those with dogs are trying it out. Do you know what it is? Read here to learn more about urban mushing, and then see if it is something that is safe and appropriate for your own dog:

Have you ever seen anyone being pulled by their dog while on a cart, a sled-type device, a bike, even a skateboard or roller-blades? Maybe you thought they were crazy or you were jealous of them. Or maybe a bit of both. Well it’s called Urban Mushing and it’s sweeping the Nation. According to the Southern California Working Snow Dogs site, Urban Mushing , “Our dogs LOVE to run and pull and we give them a chance to get the exercise they need and deserve through various ‘mushing’ type of activities such as scootering, carting, bikejoring, canicross, skijoring, weight-pulling, […]


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