Water Therapy Worked Wonders for This Dog

This Loving Owner Does Something With His Senior Husky Will Move You To Tears

Until this dog received water therapy, it wasn’t looking like he could walk again. Even though the dog’s old age means he still has a delicate and uncertain road ahead, there’s no diminishing how uplifting and sweet this video is. It truly is amazing how something as simple as water therapy worked such incredible wonders!

Kane is a senior Husky. His back legs stopped working and his human is doing everything he can to help him. But Kane is very old, he’s too old for surgery. Kane is in pain, and pain medication can only do so much. But his human never gave up on him. They discovered that the cure to Kane’s pain is water therapy. And water therapy did wonders! After just a couple of days, Kane was able to walk with help, and sometimes, even by himself! It’s amazing what water therapy can do! Kane is such a beautiful dog, and […]


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