Weird Things All Dog Owners Do

Weird Things All Dog Owners Do

‘Fess up, dog owners — how many of you can relate to this video? I’ll be honest if you guys are first!

I can relate to this more than I’m willing to admit… and for that, I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched this hilariously accurate video from BuzzFeed! “Poop! Poop for me, Pesto!” Confession time: I say, “bless you” after my dog sneezes. I tell him what a great job he’s done after he lets out a big burp. He stretches with his butt up in the air, so I compliment his cute tushey… Don’t judge me, it really is a cute bum!! Oh and my one dog only goes #2 when told to “make a big poopy for momma”… […]


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