Wildlife Rescue & A Three-Legged Fawn

Check it out: Tender Heart Wlldlife Rescue in Berryville has a three legged fawn

When a woman wanted to help disabled wildlife animals like a three-legged fawn, she created the Tender Heart Wildlife Rescue. This place is designed to help any wildlife animal in need, and you can learn more about this incredible rescue center below:

Cats and dogs have a place to go when they need a mend but options are limited when it comes to woodland creatures big and small who need a helping hand. That’s when Andrea White with Tender Heart Wildlife Rescue in to assist the Bambis and Thumpers of the world. Nursing a fawn into a deer is no easy task and it is expensive too. Andrea spends her own money to care for the animals she rehabilitates. Feel to free to contact Andrea if you would like to help the Tender Heart Wildlife Rescue at Thwr@cox.net or mail to […]


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