Woman Sleeps Outside in the Cold to Save Dog

Woman Sleeps Outside In Freezing Cold To Save Feral Dog

Would you be able to sleep outside in the cold weather to help save a dog? This woman did it, and considering how cold it has been, her story is truly remarkable! Please read more about her efforts to save this stray dog here:

How much would you sacrifice to save a feral dog? This amazing woman braved several freezing cold nights to save a stray dog in Manhattan’s Highland Park in New York City. Her name is Denise Lauffer, a 40-year-old woman who built a makeshift shelter for an elderly stray dog she named Charlie, and slept beside him for two nights just to earn the dog’s trust. Charlie has been in the park for 10 years. When Denise moved to the area just a few years ago, she immediately took notice of Charlie. Denise has four dogs, which were strays too. […]


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