Your Dog Has Your Back — This Study Proves It!

Study Proves What Dog People Have Known All Along – Your Dog Has Your Back

Now we have proof your dog has your back. Read the fun article below to see the study that proves this once and for all. Remember to share with your friends so they too will know that their dog has their back:

Dogs haven’t been known as “man’s best friend” for no reason. Anyone who has owned a dog understands the bond a dog has with you and you just know that your dog would do anything to protect you. And some dogs have the chance to prove it by attacking intruders, saving family members from fires, detecting low-blood sugar, etc. But anecdotal evidence wasn’t enough for scientists at Kyoto University in Japan. They conducted an experiment to prove that dog’s really do “have our backs.” Image source: @StateFarm via Flickr The study involved two groups of 18 dogs who interacted […]


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